Susat Civil War Antiques


    White Buff Sword Belt. SOLD

     White buff leather sword belts were issued to carry the sword. The buckle is US brass oval with studs on the back.  Buff leather was used because it did not deteriorate like other types of leather.  US regulations called for white buff until 1851, when the color was changed to dark buff leather.  The belt is sewn construction.  Two straps were attached to the belt to carry the sword by metal rings.  Rings on the top were for a white buff strap that went over the shoulder.  

    This belt is missing the shoulder strap, but the sword straps are complete with the sword hardware.  The stitching is tight.  The leather is solid and strong.  There is a period name marked in ink on the inside of the waist belt.  One of the brass studs on the sword strap is marked STORM, who manufactured accoutrements in the pre-war period.  There are some extra holes in the belt and straps. Surviving examples are scarce.

    The belt displays well.