Susat Civil War Antiques


    Mass Arms Cased Pocket Pistol

    The Massachusetts Arms Company was established in 1850 and the board board of directors included J. T. Ames, Daniel Wesson and Horace Smith. The design included a Maynard Tape Primer system. Mass Arms was sued but Colt on patent infringement and the pistols were redesigned to have the cylinder rotate manually.  With the expiration of the Colt Patent in 1857 the design was modified so that pulling the hammer rotated the cylinder.  Production of pocket and belt pistols started in 1851 and total production was less than 5000 total.  Production of the earlier pocket models with the hand rotated cylinders was around 900 pistols.  

    This example is a hand rotated cylinder version and has the button in the triggerguard to release the cylinder so it can be rotated by hand.  The barrel and some other parts have the number 77.  The pistol is complete and functions.  It has most of the origional finish and the markings are sharp and readable.  The origional case comes with a flask, bullet mold, key and several rolls of tape primers.