Susat Civil War Antiques

How We Got Started

Here at SUSAT Civil War antiques we plan on bringing to you quality items and service.  We attend many of the civil war shows and have brought exhibits as well.  There is a fellowship of fellow collectors and history enthusiasts that become like family.  We travel and are always looking for interesting items to share with you. 

George has been interested in American History most of his life.  When he was 13 his family vacationed to the East which became his first visit to Gettysburg, Harper's Ferry and other sites from the Civil War.  They all made an impression and strengthened an interest in this period of American History. Over the years between collecting and reenacting, American military history has been a passion of his.  Harper's Ferry as long been a special place - a history of innovation with John Hall and James Burton and a progression of talented people contributed to special history of the place. He has long been partial to products of that armory. His wife Paula also has a love for history and Harpers Ferry has become a special place for her.
Paula also is a reenactor and has a love for history. She has been a reenactor for over 30 years and has a passion for clothing and other aspects of 18th and 19th century life.  She has reproduced clothing of both centuries and enjoys costume museums as well. She has organized and coordinated period fashion shows.  We frequented antique shops, shows and auctions when we were dating and continue to do so today. 

Soon after we were married we purchased Victorian house that needed a lot of work.  She and I plugged away at the to do list and a few years ago we able to put the house on the home tour.  For many years we traveled to reenactments and living history events.  We both sew period clothing.  Many of our travels have been to historic sites and we both love searching for antiques. 

Quality is important. Relationships are important. Some things are just hard to put down.  Many bring a connections to the people and events of those times and it still amazing to be able to hold history in your hand.