Susat Civil War Antiques


    US Stillman Contract 1808 Musket


    In 1808 the US entered into contracts with a number of companies to manufacture muskets.  With Europe in the midst of the Napoleonlc War, the government wanted to encourage domestic manufacture of military muskets.  Muskets delivered were intended to be issued to states under the 1808 militia act.  Ethan Stillwell entered into contract to provide 1000 muskets a year for 5 years.  Starting in 1809 with a delivery of 75 muskets deliveries continued until 1812 with total deliveries less than 2000 muskets.  Peter Schmidt 's book "US Military FLINTLOCK MUSKETS" cites deliveries at 825 muskets.   Deliveries for 1810 included 200 muskets.  Charles Williams was the inspector and his mark appears on the wood opposite the lock.  Stillman may have made deliveries directly to states but they would not have the US inspectors marks.  

    This example is dated 1810.  The Stillman mark was stamped at a slight angle in the lock plate.  The barrel has the US over an oval CTproofmark. Over a V.  Also the barrel is marked SNJ for state of New Jersey.  This musket is original flint.  The metal is clean with scattered areas of light pitting.  The stock is sound with a few small cracks.  On the flat opposite the lock is the Federal inspectors mark - a cloverleaf with a V over CW.  Also a SNJ is stamped showing issue to the state.   The stock and barrel are full length. The barrel measures 44 3/4".  The stock has the deep grooves at the wrist showing French Charleville shape that was the pattern for these muskets.