Susat Civil War Antiques


    1st Ark Starr Carbine

    The Starr Carbine was made in Yonkers New York.  It is similar in design to the Sharp's Carbine.  But it was not as popular as the Sharp's.  The first 1000 were delivered in September 1863.  Around 20,000 were delivered between then and 1865.  It is a 54 caliber percussion carbine.  

    This example has a ssmooth grey/brown patina on the metal with some scattered areas of light pitting.  The markings are strong on the lock, barrel and receiver.  The bore has strong rifling.  The action is strong and crisp.  There are visible case colors on the underside of the breech block.  The wood stock shows wear and use.  There are dings and it is a smooth dark color.  The inspectors cartouche is not visible. 

    The receiver on this one is marked



    For 1st Arkansas Cavalry company M.  The 1st Ark US was formed in 1862 from loyal Union men in northwest Arkansas.  They fought at Prairie Grove in December 1862 and served the rest of the war in Arkansas.  Much of the time they were stationed in Fayetteville.  They were active, scouting and patrolling the area.  There is some indication that they served in the northern portion of the Red River campaign in the spring of 1864.  They received the Starr carbines during the summer of 1864.  In October 1864 Stirling Price attacked Fayetteville and was repulsed by the garrison.  The 1st Arkansas fought dismounted with their Starr carbines to drive off the Confederates.