Susat Civil War Antiques


    1861 RIFLE MUSKET DATED 1862

    This Springfield rifle musket is the primary weapons of the union army. 

    Springfield Armory began producing the model 1861 in July 1861.  They continued production into spring 1863 with total production of 1861 rifle muskets at Springfield of 265,129.  They were produced under contract as well.  With the start of the Civil War and mobilization of the large Union Army modern longarms were in short supply.  These rifle muskets began being issued to Federal troops in the field in the spring of 1862.  The demand was so great that initially only the flank companies of regiments were given the new rifled weapons.  

    This example is dated 1862 on both the lock and the barrel.  This example does show use but still is a nice example of this desirable rifle musket.  The parts are all original and the metal surfaces have a pleasing grey color with scattered areas of light pitting.  The marking are all clear.  The lock action is crisp.  The stock has the usual bumps and dings but has clear cartouches including Springfield ESA.  Additionally there is a period carved initial/ monogram where the soldier marked his Springfield.