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    Sharps 1853 Slant Breech Carbine

    Christian Sharps worked at Harpers Ferry.  In 1848 he patented a Breechloading rifle and started production.  He produced the model 1848 and 1852 before the 1853.  He contracted with Robbins and Lawrence for them to produce his rifles and carbines.  He opened the Sharps Manufacturing Plant in Hartford Connecticut and took over production.  The model 1853 was produced from 1854 until 1857 with a total production of 10 500.  There were purchases by the US Army and the 1st and 2nd US Cav were issued Sharps carbines on the Frontier.  Also John Brown purchased some of the model 1853 for his men.  These Sharps incorporated the pellet primer.

    This example is  smooth grey brown patina. Most of the marks in the metal are clear and readable. Sharps had one serial number range for their products.  Therefore new models did not start with serial number 1.   The Sharps Manufacturing marks on the barrel show wear.  The action works well snd the bore has distinct visible rifling.  The buttstock is solid and has some bumps snd bruises.   The furniture is brass.  There is a brass patchbox and buttplate.  The forestock has a repair near the nose and another repair near the attachment screw .  The rear sight leaf is a replacement.  The sight base is origional.  The cover for the primer mechanism is missing.  This carbine has the long sling bar.  Due to complaints from the Cavalry the sling bar was shortened later in production of the 1853 carbine.