Susat Civil War Antiques


    Remington Beals Navy   SOLD

    Remington started producing pocket revolvers in the 1850.  Buy the end of the decade they were designing large frame revolvers.  The Beals navy was Remington's first large frame revolver.  The patent date is 1858 but production started in late 1860 or early 1861.  The 36 caliber navy was produced first followed by the larger 44 Army.  Production ended in 1862 with the adoption of an improved design.  15,000 navies  and 2000 armies were produced before a improved design was adopted.  in the scramble for firearms at the beginning of the war many Beals armies and navies   purchased on the open market and were not inspected.  Small numbers of Beals were purchased directly from Remington and went through the inspection process. 
    This example is a lower serial number so dates probably from 1861.  The pistol is complete and original with a matching serial number on the barrel and frame.  The barrel is nicely stamped with the firm name and Beals patent information.  The metal has a few scattered areas of light pitting with one area of heavier pitting on the barrel near the muzzle.  Refer picture.  The barrel also have about 70 percent or more of the original bluing remaining.  The rest of the metal is an even grey patina.  The wood grips are nice with only a few small dings.  The action is nice.