Susat Civil War Antiques


    Remington Beals Army  SOLD

    The Remington Beals was the first in the familiar martial line of Remington percussion revolvers. The Beals started production in 1860 and ended in 1862 when the new model superceded it.  They were produced in both 36 and 44 caliber.  The production for the Army is noted at between 2000 and 3000 while 15000 were produced in 36 caliber.  Prior to November 1860 South Carolina purchased 1000 44 caliber Beals Army's    This revolver is serial number 580 and has brown patina.  The action is good.  There is some scattered pitting and the barrel address is readable. The barrel address is "BEALS PATENT SEPT 14, 1858/ MANUFACTURED BY REMINGTON'S ILION, NEW YORK"  in two lines.  Beals patent was for the relationship of the loading lever and the cylinder arbor.  When the lever is in the closed position it secures the cylinder arbor.  While there is no finish on the pistol there is a smooth grey brown patina with little pitting .  The end of the cylinder pin looks to have been replaced.  There are no US inspectors marks on the gun.  The wood grips are good with one area where a small chip was filled with synthetic wood.   These were strong serviceable 44 caliber pistols that saw service through most of the war.  Being produced in small numbers - their survival rate is small.