TINTYPE of Federal Cav Soldier wearing mounted jacket with shoulder scales.  He is standing with a unusual sword.  At first I though it was a Naval Cutlass but the scabbard he has looks to be metal and the sword is turned slightly and the grip looks different.  The sword appears to have a solid basket hilt and to be a normal cavalry sword length.  Also he has a pistol stuck in his belt.  This tintype looks to have been a 1/6 plate and it may have been trimmed on the right side.  It is a later period metal frame which may be the reason for the slight trimming.  It is identified on the back with his name scratched.  

    The 3rd Mi Cav had a good service record in Mississippi and later in the Trans Mississippi.  At the close of the war they went into Texas and served on the frontier and were mustered out in Feb 1866.