Susat Civil War Antiques


    Tower Enfield dated 1861

    The Enfield was imported in large numbers by both sides in the Civil War.  They we common is every army and served in all theaters.  This example is a good solid example dated 1861.  The lock is marked Tower with the crown behind the hammer.   There is a clead 1861 date in front of the hammer.  The action is solid and the lock is a brown patina with scattered pitting.  The hammer screw looks to have been replaced.  The rear sight is missing and has been for some time as there is no ghost of where it used to be.  The 39 inch barrel is brown patina as well and has the typical birmingham proof marks which are quite readable.  The bore looks smooth.  The ramrod look to be a reproduction and the front sling swivel is missing.   The stock is smooth and strong and has few dings and blemishes.  The belly of the stock has a strong "R HUGHES" stamped in the wood.  There are no marks in front of the buttplate tang.  While the metal is a consistent brown and has some scattered light pitting there is no heavy pitting or loss of metal.