Susat Civil War Antiques




    This cartridge box is a typical cartridge box as issued to the common Union Soldier.  It consists of the cartridge box, sling and both plates.  The Pattern 1861 was adopted late in 1861 and it was produced by many manufacturers.  In the summer of 1862 with problems from some suppliers, the Federal government required the boxes to be marked by the manufacturers.  By the end of the year the arsenals were making their products as well.  This particular box is unmarked and as such it dates from 1862.  While issued in large numbers complete sets are rare.  The should belts were easily used as belts and otten do not survive.

    This cartridge box is not marked.  It is complete with both buckles and latch tab intact.  It has the tins as well.  The leather is solid and strong.  There is some flaking of the finish but the leather is stable.  The pouch on the front is for gun tools issued with the rifle muskets.  The strap is solid and strong and has no breaks or repairs.  There are two sets of slits for the eagle plate.  The look of the billets as they connect with the cartridge box -indicates this set has been together for a long time.  There is a stain on the inside of the shoulder strap that looks like either paint or tar and could be cleaned.  It displays wonderfully.