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    P1853 Type II Windsor Enfield   ON LAY-AWAY.  SOLD

    In 1855 The British military contracted with American firm Robbins and Lawarence to produce 25,000 Rifle muskets. During the Crimean war England was having difficulty producing enough of the new model rifle musket.  Robbins and Lawarence had provided machinery to the English for the new Armory in Enfield.  Robins and Lawarence increased the size of their facility and installed new machinery to be able to produce the English rifle muskets.  Production started in 1855 and the flow of arms headed to England.  In 1856 the war ended quicker than anticipated and England canceled the contract with Robbins and Lawarence.  10.400 of the Windsor Enfields had been inspected, accepted and delivered.  With this setback Robbins and Lawarence went into bankruptcy.  Creditors formed a new company with the assets.  Vermont Arms Company assembled 5,600 arms and had additional supplies of various parts.

    This example is marked 1855 and Windsor on the lock.  The Barrel has British Style proof marks.  There is also a "S" stamped on the barrel indicating it was sold surplus from the British military.  This example has British military acceptance mark on the exterior of the lockplate.  The marks are all clear and readable.  The barrel has generous amounts of blue remaining.  The lock is a dull grey color.  The metal is smooth and has a few small areas of light pitting.  The bore is clean and has strong, visible, rifling.  The stock is solid and full length.  It has some dings and nicks from handling.  There is a small stamp on the toe of the buttplate with the initials of George Moller. The ramrod is a type III Enfield ramrod.  The buttplate tang has marks suggesting Colonial Canadian ownership.   This example was in his collection and sold last year.  It is the one pictured in his book.