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  • Lt. Martin Young's Hat


    Lt. Martin Young's Forage Cap

    This hat surfaced recently.  It is a officers cap found on the Gettysburg Battlefield shortly after the battle.  From there it went into a Museum or private collection. The cap has a 11th Corps Badge and a an Infantry Horn with a "26" in the horn.  From that previous owners followed the trail of where this was found and attributed it to Lt. Martin Young Co A 26th Wisconsin Infantry.  The 26th was formed in Milwaukee in late summer 1862.  The regiment was composed almost entirely of men born in Germany and was sometimes called the 2nd German regiment.  They along with two NY regiments made a stand on high ground at Chancellorsville allowing the rest of the 11th corps to retreat.  July 1 found them in a fast march toward Gettysburg in a rush to support the 1st Corps.  Marching in a heavy rain and double-quicking the last several miles they went into action north of town and started taking casulities.  As they advanced the 26th was on the brigade when they were hit by Confederates in the front and right flank.  Lt. Young commanding Co A was hit and killed.   He was my great great grandfather's brother. 


    Recently I was contacted by a descendant of the original company commander of Co A 26th Wisconsin.  He had a 1861 US Army Regs with Martin Young's name in it.  I was able to add that to his hat.  Needless to say I am thrilled beyond words.