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  • H Cole Confederate Cartridge Box



    This Confederate cartridge box and sling is marked H M Cole on the inner flap and the inside of the cartridge box sling.  It is a copy of the Pattern 1857 cartridge box and has both the provisions for the sling as well as waist belt loops.  There is a brass finial and the sling has an eagle plate.  The box is not cut for a plate. The tins are present.  The box does not have a center back seam.  It is well made though the stitching is not up to federal standards.   H M Cole shows up in the 38th Tennessee Infantry and served less than a year.  He received a discharge the latter part of 1862.  

    I added an image of a Tennessee soldier.  I include him because he has a cartridge box with a sling and eagle plate.

    Pvt. John W. McCown, Company C, 3rd Tennessee Infantry Battalion. He enlisted on 12 March 1862 in Memphis, Tennessee. This unit, also called the "Memphis Battalion", was organized for one year for local defense and special service in the City of Memphis.