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  • GILHAM's Manual



    This copy of Gilham's is the 1861 Richmond edition.  It has a period ink ID.

    "John Murphy Lee's Legion"  Lee's Legion was a Virginia Cavalry battalion that became the nucilus for the 9th Virginia Cavalry Regiment.  

    Virginia’s 9th Cavalry Regiment was formed in January, 1862, using John E. Johnson's eight company 1st Battalion, Virginia Cavalry ("Lee's Legion") as its nucleus. These companies and the two added were from the counties of Stafford, Caroline, Westmoreland, Lancaster, Essex, Spotsylvania, Lunenburg, King William, King George, and Richmond.

    The unit served in W.H.F. Lee's, Chambliss', and Beale's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. It fought in the Seven Days' Battles and the conflicts at Gainesville, Second Manassas, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Dumfries, Rapidan Station, Brandy Station, Upperville, Hanover, Gettysburg, Williamsport, Funkstown, and Culpeper Court House. The 9th went on to fight at Bristoe, Mine Run, The Wilderness, and Todd's Tavern. Later it skirmished around Richmond and Petersburg, then was active in the Appomattox operations. 

    Usually I shy away from repaired books and this in an exception.  The book has been repaired and it is a well executed repair.  Part of the spine is missing and it looks like the boards have been strengthened. I suspect the original boards might have been cracked or were separating. These are the original boards.  The binding is tight