Susat Civil War Antiques
  • CS Cap Pouch - Single Strap


    Confederate Cap Pouch.  SOLD

    At the start of the war the Confederate Accoutrements followed US patterns.  With time and material shortages modifications were made and a distinctive CS patterns emerged.  This example was made with a single wide belt loop on the back and a lead finial.  Other than that it is very similar to the US Sheild front pattern.  However those differences indicicate that this example was made in the south.  The lead finial brok off a some point, leaving the flattened end inside the pouch and a ring of lead on the hole.  The rest of the pouch is complete and has a label on the inside flap reading Page 29 No 42 1907 Cat.  Wonder if this might have been in a Bannerman catalogue.  The leather flap has some edge flaking and loss but in general the leather is solid and strong.   SOLD