Susat Civil War Antiques


    CS Cap Pouch   SOLD

    The Confederacy typically copied US patterns for their leather accoutrements.  With time they modified details as raw material shortages and time saving labor changes were made.  This is a copy of the US 1850 cap pouch - with the outer flap  having an extension that became the latch tab.  However the finial is made from a hardware item often called an awning button.  These were an available hardware item, yet not used on US accoutrements.  This example has two belt loops, but they are attached at the top and bottom with only copper rivets.  That detail is another labor saving modification used on CS cap pouches.  With time rivets became unavailable.  This cap pouch was never fitted with a strip of lambswool as were the US versions.  The condition of the box is excellent.  All of the leather is strong and the stitching is all tight. The leather finish is nice.  The stitching is fewer stitches to the inch than US boxes.