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  • CS Assembled Carbine


    CS Assembled Carbine

    This carbine is an interesting assembly of parts.  The stock and barrel are from an 1816 musket.  The barrel has an H&P chambered breech alteration and has been cut to 19 " in length.  This is the type breech used from 1862 on.  It does not have a date like most H&P conversions.  The 15 stamped on the bottom of the barrel and the bottom of the breechplug seem to be from the H&P conversion.   It has a swivel ramrod attached.  There is a tall fixed rear sight.  There is no barrel band and the barrel has a lug on the bottom that has a hole for a pin.  The stock has been shortened and has a nosecap.  There is a large pin to traverse sideways through the forearm of the stock thru the lug on the bottom of the barrel.  The lock is a British brown bess lock.  It has been converted to percussion and has a crude military style hammer. It is marked Tower on the tail of the lock.   The lock has different two digit numbers stamped on the tail of the lock and inside the lock.  There also appears to be a two digit number stamped in the wood under the barrel tang.  The stock has a short metal fitting added to hold a ring for a carbine swivel. 

    The condition of the metal is a pleasing grey patina with some scattered areas of light pitting.  The markings are clear and visible.  The stock is solid with some dings and dents.  The butt has some damage near the buttplate.  The triggerguard bow has had the hole for the sling swivel filled as part of the conversion.  

    This is an unusual carbine