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  • COLT 1860 Army Revolver


    Colt 1860 Army. SOLD

    The Colt 1860 Army was the most used pistol in the Cavalry during the Civil War.  Over 150,000 were produced and most were purchased by the military.  This example with a serial number in the 97 thousand range was made in the early in the year 1863.  Production started in 1863 in the 85 thousand  serial number range and ended the year at 150,000.  

    This example is above average condition.  The metal is a pleasing grey color with only small areas of small pitting.  By and large the metal is smooth and the markings are deep. The serial numbers match, except for the wedge which is numbered.  The action is nice.  The cylinder scene is clear and visible.  There is an inspector's initial "S" on the barrel, cylinder, trigger guard and backstrap.  The grips are smooth and have clear cartouches on each side.  The grips are a higher grade of wood than normally seen.  There is a small surface crack in the right which may have been the reason this nice wood was used on a military pistol.