Susat Civil War Antiques

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    This Colt 1860 Army first saw service in the Civil War and after the war a number of the pistols were refurbished and reissued to the frontier army.  The refurbishing was done by the US Army.  Many went to the buffalo soldiers.  During the refurbishing the guns were disassembled and refinished and reassembled.  Often the serial numbers were mixed up.  Some had groups of matching numbers as his one does.  The frame, triggerguard and backstrap all match while the cylinder and barrel are different numbers.  A "US" was stamped in the brass in front of the trigger guard.  This one has "U.S."  with the dots.  The action is good and the metal has scattered light pitting.  There is cylinder scene remaining and cartouches on both sides of the grips.  SOLD