Susat Civil War Antiques
  • COLT 1860 ARMY - 1863 - 44 caiber


    Colt 1860 Army. SOLD

    This revolver was designed to replace the heavy Dragoon revolver.  The 44 caliber was popular but the Dragoon weighed over 4 pounds.  Colt streamlined the barrel, used the navy frame and cylinder and modified the cylinder by widening the front section.  The chamber is tapered toward the back to fit into the smaller cylinder.  The result was this larger pistol that remained 44 caliber and weighed much less than the dragoon.  This became the most popular pistol of the war, and were widely used.  

    This example was produced in 1863 and delivered in time for the summer campaigns.  The metal has a grey patina with scattered areas of light pitting.  The markings are all deep and clear.  The numbers match and the action is solid.  There are inspectors initials on the major parts.  The cylinder scene is 30 to 40%.  The wood grips have a good color and a few small dings.  The cartouche on the left side is clear and readable and the one on the right side shows a little more wear but is still visible.