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  • COLT 1860 ARMY - 4 SCREW


    Colt 1860 Army - 4 screw.  ON LAYAWAY

    The Colt 1860 Army was designed to replace the Dragoon.  The new pistol design was streamlined to reduce the weight.  Close to 2 pounds were removed and the New Model Army became to most popular pistol used in the war.  Production started in 1860.  Some southern states ordered them in the spring of 1860.  The US army placed order quickly and Colt expanded their production.  The summer of 1861 began with production of 500 a week.  By then end of summer weekly production doubled.  The original design had Navy size grips and a fluted cylinder.  The grips were enlarged and the fluted cylinder was discontinued.  

    This example is part of a shipment made in August 1861 to the US army.  The metal on this is a grey patina with areas of pitting.  The serial numbers match on the barrel, frame, trigger Guard, backstrap and pin.  The cylinder number does not match. This pistol is in the fluted cylinder range.  There was a problem with the fluted cylinders blowing out a cylinder. Perhaps that happened or the cylinder was replaced. The wedge has no number. This pistol looks to have been through a field repair.  The screw for the cylinder stop has been replaced.  The replacement is a crudely made pin that looks to have been riveted into the existing screw hole.  It is not removable but the cylinder stop still functions.  The markings on the barrel show wear but are mostly strong and readable.  The cylinder scene has wear and mostly all that remains are the waves at the bottom.  The action works and the cylinder locks when it should.  The wood grips are nice with visible cartouches on both sides.  With this early delivery often there is only one cartouche and it is on the left.  This has a large cartouche on the right side as well.  It is hard to read, but according to the Colt 1860 Army book only Capt Robert H. K. Whiteley marked the right grip in this serial number range.  Refer to page 161 in book " The Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver".  

    While showing wear and use this is an early war piece and saw service.