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  • COLT 1860 ARMY - 1863


    Colt 1860 Army

    The Colt 1860 army is a result of a request from the US Army.  The Colt Dragoon was well liked for its firepower but it weighed around 4 1/2 pounds.  Colt was asked to redesign the 44 caliber pistol and to make it lighter.  The result is a streamlined 6 shot 44 caliber pistol that still packs a punch.  Production started in 1860 with the Army buying large numbers of them.  It became the most popular handgun of the War.  Total production was over 200,000 with the US buying nearly 65% of those produced.  

    This example dates from the first months of 1863.  This one has matching serial numbers including the wedge.  The metal is a smooth grey patina with only some small areas of pitting.  The markings are all sharp and clear.  There are inspector's initials stamped in many metal components.  The cylinder scene is nice with 70-80% visible.  The action is nice and crisp.  There are remnants of the cylinder pins on the back of the cylinder.  The wood grips are solid and have a readable cartouche on each side.  There are a few dings in the wood and the wedge screw looks to be a replacement.  Still this is an nice example of the quintessential pistol of the war.