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  • COLT 1860 ARMY


    SOLD......The Colt 1860 Army was the mainstay of the Union Cavalry and this example would be a centerpiece for your collection.  The 1860 Army was produced from 1860 until 1872, with a total production of just under 200,000.    The US government bought more 1860 Armies than any other pistol, with a total purchase of 127,157.   Colt production for 1863 started at serial number 85000, so this one was made early in 1863.  This example has a tight action, wonderful grips and a high percentage of the original finish. All serial numbers match including the wedge. The numbers are sharp and readable.  The barrel address is sharp and deep.  There are inspectors marks "R" on the cylinder, the steel backstrap and the bottom of the grips.   The barrel has blue on both sides and under the rammer with about 50-60% coverage.  The rest of the barrel is a plumb color with the finish having turned dark.  There is strong case colors on both sides of the frame with about 65-75 % coverage.  Case colors are even in front of the trigger guard on the bottom of the frame.  Both the hammer and rammer have visible case colors.  The screws have blue on them as well.   The cylinder has a strong, sharp scene .  The ships, their rigging and sails are all sharp and clear.  There is blue primarily on the rear portion of the cylinder. The bore is very nice. The wood grips are smooth and both cartouches are quite strong and readable.   There is blue on the steel backstrap.                         Sold