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  • COLT 1851 NAVY - MARTIAL - 1857

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    Colt 1851 Martial Navy - 1857  SOLD

    The Colt 1851 Navy was produced from 1851 until 1872 and was a very popular handgun.  The 1851 came out in time to be used in the California Gold Fields. Both Samuel Clements and Wild Bill Hickok carried them.   It also was purchased by the US army for frontier Calvary regiments in the 1850s.  They were also made in London.  

    This example was made in 1857.  The action is good and all the serial numbers match except for the wedge.  The wedge is numbered , it is not matching.  The metal is a deep brown patina.  All marks are clear and visible.  There is a US on the frame under the Colt Patent.  There are inspectors marks on various parts showing government inspectors have examined the pistol.  The cylinder scene is showing about 60 percent visible.  The grips are solid but I do not see any trace of the cartouche.  Still this is a nice example of a 1850's military navy.