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  • 1 - Colt 1851 Navy - Cut for Shoulder Stock


    Colt 1851 Navy Cut for Shoulder Stock   SOLD

    This 1851 Navy is a solid example of this model.  The 1851 navy was a very popular model.  It was produced from 1850 until 1872.  In the 1850's the US army purchased them for their mounted troops on the frontier.  A small number were produced cut for a shoulder stock.  The shoulder stock was a special order item and scarce in this model.  There are several versions.  The one from the 1850's included a sling swivel in front of the trigger guard.  That feature was omitted on later examples such as this one.  The frame is cut and has the fourth screw to attach the shoulder stock.  The backstrap also is iron and has a notch on the bottom to engage the stock.  The pistol is grey metal with light scattered pitting.  The marking are all sharp and clear.  The serial numbers all match including the loading lever, wedge and pin.  The cylinder scene is good and about 60-70% visible. There is 50-60 % varnish on the grips.  The action is tight and solid.  The barrel address is clear.  This has the long screws for the stock.  This serial number places this in the year 1861 for production.