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  • COLT 1851 NAVY -1857 - MARTIAL


    Colt 1851 Navy - US.  SOLD

    The Colt 1851 Navy is a classic percussion Colt.  They were very popular during the period.  They also saw service in various places from the California Gold Rush to the frontier, before being used in the Civil War.  The US army purchased a number of them for their mounted troops on the frontier in the 1850's.  This is one purchased by the US army in the late 1850's.  It saw service before the war and then was in military hands at the start of the war.  Between 1855 and 1859, 16,962 colt 1851 navy revolvers were delivered to the US Army.  Col. Mansfield on his inspection tour in Texas in 1856 found that belt pistols had been issued to 5 companies of the mounted rifles and three companies of the 2nd Cav.  

    This example has matching serial numbers.  It dates to 1857 and is just before Colt changed the barrel address to Hartford.  The metal is a pleasing deep grey brown color and the markings are all clear and readable.  The frame is marked with US showing government ownership.  The action is good and the cylinder scene is mostly visible.  There is some scattered light pitting on the metal.  The grips show wear and dings but both cartouches are visible and almost readable.  The loading lever latch has been replaced but it blends in well.