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  • COLT 1851 NAVY - 1852

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    Colt 1851 Navy - made in 1852.  SOLD

    The Colt 1851 navy was very popular.  And they were used In many historic situations.  First was the California Gold Rush.  Both before and after the Civil War they were used out west.  The US Army and Navy purchased them.  And many were used in the Civil War.  Production started in 1851 with the first 2500 produced.  Initially produced with a square back triggerguard, around serial number 4200 the small rounded triggerguard became standard.  The second year of production saw 10,000 of the pistols produced.  This example falls into the second year if production.  

    This example has grey patina on the metal.  There are some areas of light pitting.  The markings are clear and the serial number matches on every part except the wedge.  This early production had the number stamped on the loading lever across the flat on the top.  Later the number would be rotated to run down the top flat of the lever.  The cylinder has a nice amount of cylinder scene and a matching number.  There is plenty of silver remaining on the brass triggerguard and some on the backstrap.  The wood is solid and shows some wear from use.