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  • COLT 1851 NAVY -1856


    Colt 1851 Navy

    The 1851 Navy was one of Colt's more popular products.  It saw use in a wide variety of areas.  They were carried in the California Gold Fields, all over the west, sold to the US Army and Navy in the 1850s.  They were produced from 1850 to 1872 with a total production of 215,348.

    This example was produced in 1856 and is in fine condition.  The numbers all match including the wedge.  The barrel has 40% or more of the bluing remaining.  The Colt address is sharp and clear. The loading lever has visible case colors as does the frame.  The markings are all sharp and clear.  The cylinder scene is strong with almost all visible.  There are a couple of spots on the cylinder with discoloration and pitting.  The trigerguard and backstrap have much silver remaining, some of it tarnished.  The wood grips are nice with original varnish.  The action works well and the pistol presents well.