Susat Civil War Antiques


    1851 Navy US Army Purchase

    The 1851 Navy was one of Colt's more popular pistols.  They came out in time to be used in the California Gold Fields.  Later in the 1850s the US Army purchased a number for use by troops out on the Frontier.  Later many were used during the Civil War and after the war in the West.

    This example dates from 1856 and was purchased at the time the 1st and 2nd US Cavalry were outfitted for their service in the West.  The 2nd US was a new regiment that had many southern officers.  The regiment was formed in St Louis and traveled overland to their stations in the Texas Frontier.  

    This pistol has seen use.  The metal is grey with area of pitting, some heavy.  The numbers match except for the wedge.  The markings are readable and it has the US Under Colts Patent on the frame.  The grips show wear snd I see no trace of the cartouche.  The cylinder has some scene remaining along with some pitting.  The action works solidly.