Susat Civil War Antiques


    Cavalry Carbine Sling with Swivel


    The carbine sling with is swivel was an important item for the calveryman.  The swivel had a snap hook that connected to the ring on the carbine sling bar.  The belt was worn over his shoulder.  The purpose was to prevent the trooper from loosing his carbine if he dropped it.  

    This sling is in very nice condition.  The leather is stable and strong with no weak spots.  It has inspectors marks in the leather in two places.  One is close to the batwing endpiece on the belt.  The other is on the leather near the buckle.  This stamp looks to be a makers stamp.  Many of the letters are visible in the oval ring but not all. The stamp looks to be for DINGEE SND LORIGAN  with an inspector's letter or number.  Many of these slings had the buckles and tips cut off during the scrap drives of WWII.  Typically when this was done the belts were cut to get the brass.  This one has it's origional brass in place and the leather is full length.  The swivel is marked GAYLORD and the name of the inspector T Shepard along with a US.  This belt presents well.