Susat Civil War Antiques



    This is a 4/5 model Burnside carbine.  The carbine is in fine condition with original finish on many parts.  This carbine has all original parts and has a crisp action.  The stock is solid with a strong cartouche near the sling bar and strong initials in the wood in front of the buttplate tang.   There are a few dings in the wood.  The lock is nice with case colors visible around the hammer.   The breech mechanism has  case colors and bluing.  The barrel is blue plumb color over most of the barrel.  The rear sight is complete and original.  The bore is mint.  The serial numbers match on the breech and breechplug. This is quite a nice Burnside.

    While this is the later model of Burnside, earlier models were manufactured in smaller numbers.  A total of 55,567 Burnside carbines were made.  This one with a serial number of 17212 is still early enough to have seen service. This model of Burnside was produced in a different serial number range from the earlier models.  Still, serial number records show Burnside's in this range being issued.  I check with Springfield research and they did not have  a hit on this specific serial number but they did have a hit on 17211.  And some others were 17044 - Co K 4th Wisconsin Cav, 17076 - Co H 6th Ohio Cav and - 17593 - Co K 4th Wisconsin Cav.