Susat Civil War Antiques


    British Sea Service Pistol Pattern 1801


    The origional design of the sea service pistol dates from 1716 and continued with minor changes until 1816. Over the years the design of the lock followed the changes in the British military locks.  In 1777 the lock was revised with a short sear spring and the two screw holes were visible behind the clock.  In 1801 a fence was added behind the pan and the lock markings were stamped rather engraved.  In 1816 the barrel length was changed from 12 inches to 9 inches.  The Napoleonic period was a period of great conflict for the British Navy.   These pistols were designed to be heavy an could used as a club.  

    This example is complete and in nice condition.  The metal is smooth and grey with some areas of light pitting.  The marking are clear and readable.  The lock has TOWER and the crown with the broad arrow mark showing government ownership.  The barrel has tbritish proof marks and a crown inspection stamp on the barrel tang and on the barrel in front of the vent. The barrel is 12 inches long.  The origional belt hook is present, t too has a crown inspectors stamp.  The stock is solid with some dings and bumps.  It has a "H" stamped in the wood behind the side plate.