Susat Civil War Antiques


    CS Bivens Cartridge box and doing

    A number of these stye cartridge boxes have been examined.  Two are identified to Tennessee regiments.  One of the group of cartridge boxes has a lead finial.  Two contracts exist between the state of Tennessee and Bivens for accoutrements.  Interestingly the first contract specified brass buttons and the second specified metal buttons.  The two id'd examples seem to have been issued near Shelbyville Tenn in the spring of 1862.

    This example matches the constructions of other known examples.  The leather is solid and has a set of tins.  Both buckles have been broken off and the finial has been removed.  It does have US plates. Tge shoulder strap has lined edges and has a repaired break.   I suspect not all were issued and when Nashville fell. Quantities fell into Federal hands.  The boxes are well made.