Susat Civil War Antiques


    Barnett 1856 Enfield Cavalry Carbine

    This carbine is a solid example of a Enfield carbine.  It was made by Barnett, a London maker who had extensive dealings with the Confederacy.  This carbine does not have any of the accepted CS import marks. It is marked Barnett over London on the lock and has London proofs on the barrel.  The metal is a deep brown patina with some pitting.  The barrel is full length and has both the front and rear sight.  There is rifling visible in the barrel.  The stock is full length with the usual bumps and dents.   There are two small holes on the left side that had small eye screws.  Apparently it was displayed hung on them.  The carbine has a untouched look to it.  There is a deep patinia to the metal and the wood.  The action is good and the lock is marked Barnett on the outside and the inside.  It is missing the nosecap and the ramrod swivel.  The ramrod is original and is threaded on the end.  The patina is even at the front where the swivel would attach suggesting it has been removed for a ling time.  Confederate General JEB Stuart was not in favor of the swivel ramrod, he requested Artillery carbines since they did not have the swivel ramrod.  While extensive quanities of three band enfields were imported, the number of cavalry carbines imported was more modest.  Barnett was one of the three makers to supply carbines to the south.  While many were marked with various import marks not all were marked.