Susat Civil War Antiques


    Barnett Artillery Carbine


    This Barnett made carbine is one of the types imported into the Confederacy.  This example does not have any Confederate import marks but a large portion of Barnett's production went south.  He also produced an artillery carbine after the war for export but those carbines had different firm markings and often had Belgian proofs on the barrels.  This carbine is wartime production.

    The lock is marked BARNETT  LONDON in front of the hammer and has a crown with TOWER marked under the crown behind the hammer.  This type of lock markings is the second type shown on page 102 of the book "THE ENGLISH CONNECTION".  The inside of the lock is marked Barnett as well. The lock action is crisp. The barrel has London proof marks.  Overall the metal has a deep brown patina with scattered areas of light pitting.  The stock is solid and shows light wear.  It does not have any stamps in the wood.  There are some carved initials.  The furniture is present except for the sling swivels.  There is a hole in the butt for the rear swivel.  The ramrod is original.  The bore is dark and is smooth.  The carbine rear sight is present.  There is no bayonet lug nor evidence it ever had one.

    This carbine has an untouched look and just recently came out of an estate in northern Virginia.