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  • 49th Penn Grouping - John Stahl


    John Stahl - Co I 49th Penn Infantry - Grouping   SOLD

    This grouping consists of:

    Model 1861 Contract Bridesburg Rifle Musket dated 1863

    Set of Mann's Accoutrements - 60 Round cartridge box made by Gaylord, Mann's waist belt and buckle and Gaylord marked Cap pouch

    Socket bayonet and scabbard

    One 58 caliber paper cartridge and one paper tube containing percussion caps

    One package of artillery fuses

    One powder horn

    A tin of musket caps

    One soft cover booklet - publication of John Stahl's life in service

    John Stahl enlisted in the 49th Penn co I on February 25, 1864.  His book covers his experiences in the regiment which served in the 6th corps and saw a lot of action in 1864 and 1865.  This grouping was purchased from descendants in 2003.  

    In 1864 the regiment participated in the following engagements:  Germainia Ford, Wilderness, 

    Spotsylvania Court House

    The regiment lost easily in an unsuccessful assault. Colonel Hulings, Lt. Colonel Miles, Captain William Kephart, Lieutenants Lytle and Calvin De Witt and 61 enlisted men were killed. Captain Robert Barr was mortally wounded. Captain Stuart, Lieutenants Downing, Irvin, Russel, and Thompson, Adjutant Hilands and 195 enlisted men were wounded. Major Hickman took over the regiment as senior surviving officer.

    Assault on the Salient

    Captains James Quigley and F. W. Wombacker and Lieutenant John Rogers were wounded. From May 4 – 14 the regiment lost 392 casualties, and at the end of the battle could muster only 130 men

    Battle of Cold Harbor

    The regiment lost 8 killed and Captains Wakefield and Hutchinson and 18 enlisted men wounded

    Third Battle of Winchester (Battle of Opequan) 

    Lieutenant Joseph Wallace and 10 enlisted men were killed and Captain John Thompson, Lieutenant Downing and 35 enlisted men wounded. A shell burst atop the regimental colors, destroying what little remained of it. Adjutant Hilands wrote, “As the line came on the plain, east of Winchester, we on the left had a full view of the whole field, and a magnificent sight it was. The enemy’s line was broken; his artillery, cavalry and infantry were in inextricable confusion, and having turned their backs were making fast time from the field, while off to the right was our own line, in perfect order, stretching away in the distance, steadily advancing in the bright sunlight, with colors, which looked more beautiful than ever, waving in triumph. It was worth three years’ hard service to be a participant in the battle of Winchester, under the command of Phil. Sheridan.”

    Hatcher's Run

    Sailor’s Creek

    Lieuteant G. E. Hackenberg was killed, Lieutenant John Rogers mortally wounded and Captain Wombacker was wounded. Detached to escort prisoners after the battle

    The Bridesburg Rifle Musket is a solid example.  It is dated 1863 on the lock and Barrel.  The metal is a silver grey color with only a few areas of scattered light pitting.  The bore has nice rifling.  The stock is full length and solid.  There is some wear and the corners are somewhat rounded.  The inspectors marks are not visible.  

    The Mann set is an almost complete set.  The Cartridge box and belt set are an early load carrying system.  The two belts on the top of the box extend over the shoulder and connect to the loops on the back of the Mann belt.  The 49th Pa does not seem to have been issued Mann accoutrements, however they served with the 15th New Jersey who was issued Mann's accoutrements.  There is a surviving CDV of an identified member of the 49th Pa wearing a set of Mann's accoutrements including the 60 round box.  That soldier in the CDV was KIA at Sailors Creek. This set of Mann's accoutrements were made by Gaylord and are marked on the Cartridge box, Cap pouch and waist belt.  Gaylord delivered Mann's sets to the government in late 1864.  This set's cartridge box had the original straps, but they were detached from the box.  I have carefully reattached them with reversible glue so they can be removed if desired.  The cartridge box is missing the tins as well.  All of the leather items show wear and evidence of use. The leather belt has some stretching - that comes from being soaked with sweat and being used. The bayonet scabbard is not the Mann's design scabbard, and it is missing the tip.

    The book tends to be an overview of the movements of the divisions and corps of the army he was with.  However there are personal stories and comments that personalize it.  In the Spotsylvania action he notes that is company had 37 men killed in 45 minutes.  This regiment saw hard service and a lot of combat.   He was there for the hard battles of 1864 and the finish in 1865. 

    This grouping shows wear and service.  It speaks of being in the midst of hard won struggles of the last two years of the war.  It was carried by a soldier in a regiment that was in the middle of the conflict many times.