Susat Civil War Antiques


    2nd Model Merrill Carbine  SOLD 

    The Merrill carbines were were produced in Baltimore Maryland and the total production during the war was 14500. This is the often cited production number but rifles were in the same serial number run and there are existing examples with serial numbers up to the 19,000 range.  This is a second model which does not have the patchbox that was used on the first model.  It is a 54 caliber percussion carbine.  To operate you pull up the lever which opens the breech for insertion of a cartridge.  The rear sight is also the catch for the lever.  

    This example is in nice condition.  The metal is clean with only a few small areas of staining or light pitting.  The markings are all sharp and clear.  The bore is nice.    The stock is solid and strong with a few dings and bumps.  There are traces of a cartouche in the stock.  The action works well.