Susat Civil War Antiques


    Early Bayonet and Sabbard

    This bayonet and scabbard is interesting and dates from the early period of the nation.  The bayonet is hand made for for a bayonet lug under the muzzle.  The bore of the bayonet is .875 of a inch at it's narrowest.  The bore is not quite round.  This would fit a 69 caliber weapon.  The blade is 11.5" long and 15/16" wide at the base.  This does not fit typical styles.  There is no face furrow.  French bayonets typically had a face furrow.  There is a mark on the base of the blade - looks like the lower half of a S or a 3.

    The scabbard is solid and all seams are tight.  The bayonet fits nicely and the tip looks like it might have been recently attached.  There is one connection hole with solder that does not look that old.  The tip does seem to have some age.  It is shorter than later tips.