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  • 1863 Sharp's Carbine

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    1863 Sharp's Carbine   SOLD

    This is a nice crisp example of the most used carbine of the war.  Sharps transitioned to the model 1863 carbine early in 1863 and reached serial number 100,000 during the summer of 1863.  This carbine falls just before that milestone.  It's serial number is in the 97,000 range.  Sharps used the same serial number range so this is toward the front of the production of the new model 1863.   This example has most of the barrel blue with all markings sharp and clear.  The bore is near mint with bright lands and grooves.  The action is crisp and tight.  The marks on the rest of the gun are all sharp and clear.  The wood is nice with few handling marks and sharp deep cartouches.  There are areas that have visible case colors.  It looks that the case colors were polished at some time. 

    By 1863 the army was focusing on rearming the cavalry with Sharps and Spencers.  This example is well above average and would be a fine example of this popular carbine.