Susat Civil War Antiques
  • 1861 Hardee's Vol I Nashville edition


    This manual is a 1861 Nashville Printing of Vol I Hardee's Tactics that has seen some use.  Nashville was an important city early in the war.  It was a collection point and training center and local printers worked to produce military works.  Nashville fell early in the war and with that production ended.  This example is dated 1861 and has the embossed boards.  The spine has worn away and what looks like a period repair was made to keep the book serviceable.  The binding is strong and the boards are well connected to the book.  Vol I would be of most use to company officers and NCO's and are often found more heavily used.  There are period notes in the book and it looks like it was used after the war.  In the front inside papers are some covered writings that might yield a period name.