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  • 1861 Confederate Army Regulations


    1861 Confederate Army Regulations


    This is a nice copy of the 1861 West and Johnson Richmond edition of the Confederate army Regulations.  This copy has the original binding with a red leather spine and marbled paper covered boards.  The binding itself is solid.  The book does show use and has an inscription in the front of the book.  The Pencil inscription looks to be "T J Campbell   Camp Gillespie  23 Sept 1861"  I have done some prelim research and was not able to find Camp Gillespie.  There are several T J Campbells - one  is a Tennessee Cav Major.  The book also has book plated from the "Military order of the Loyal Legion of the United States"  Ohio.  This connection could also lead some information.  Probably the donating person was a Ohio veteran and this book was part of his souvenirs.

    The book itself is an interesting edition.  This is a stripped version printed early in the war to get out to all the new officers in the field trying to learn their duties.  The title pages says "....retaining all that is essential for officers of the line"  As you look through the book you notice whole section were omitted in the rush to print. Fortification sections were omitted and there are no uniform regulations.