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    This carbine is an example of one of the more advanced cavalry weapons of the Civil War.  It has a tubular magazine in the butt that is spring loaded and advances a round into the chamber when the breechblock is lowered.  It was quite popular and successful and used after the war as well.  

    This example is complete, with all original parts and functions well.  The metal is a smooth grey with some scattered area of light pitting.  The marking on the top of the receiver are solid with a little wear on the last line.  The barrel has 6 groove rifling,  The action works well.  While there is no finish remaining the metal is a pleasing color.  The wood stock is solid without the cracks that often develop often along the magazine in the butt with Spencers.  The inspectors cartouches are strong and readable .

    This one is serial numner 48256 and one number off of a carbine issued to the 11 Mi. Cav.   SOLD