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    1855 Rifle Musket. SOLD

    Harpers Ferry 1860

    The 1855 rifle musket started production in 1857.  It is a 58 caliber rifled weapon.  The barrel is 40 inches long and has three barrel bands.  The initial production had a sliding leaf long range rear sight and did not have a patchbox.  In 1858 the rear sight was changed to the simplified three leaf sight shown here.  In 1859 the nosecap was changed to brass and a patchbox was added.  Production stopped in 1861.  

    This example comes from late in the Harper's Ferry production.  It is dated 1860 on the barrel and lock.  The markings are all sharp and readable.  The metal has a darling grey patina with scattered areas of light pitting.  The action is strong and the primer mechanism is complete.   The stock is solid and full length with clear Cartouches.there is a repair in the wood adjacent to the barrel tang.