Susat Civil War Antiques



    The 1842 musket was the first percussion musket adopted and started production in 1844.  It was the first musket produced with interchangeable parts between Springfield and Harpers Ferry.  Also it was last musket produced in 69 caliber smoothbore.  Springfield began production of the 1842 in 1844 with a total produced of 2,956 muskets produced.  Harpers Ferry began production in 1845 with a total production of 2,225 muskets.  Springfield produced them into 1855 with a total production of 165,970 muskets.  Harpers Ferry produced an additional 106,629 1842 muskets at their armory.  

    This 1842 musket is basically mint.  It is dated the first year of production - 1844 on both the barrel and the lock.  The musket is complete and has all original parts.  The metal is shiny and all the marks are clear and deep. There is just a touch of staining on the metal, some of it looks like dried grease.The dates on the barrel tang tended to be stamped lightly but this one is sharp and clear. The proof marks are sharp, deep and clear. The lock markings are sharp and deep. While most of the metal is finished bright, the trigger has strong color casehardening. The stock is exceptionally sharp and crisp.  The corners are all strong and much of the stock has feathering.  There are a few dings in the stock. The inspector's cartouche is very deep and clear.  The corners on the lock panels are quite sharp and crisp.  

    This musket shows no use and only light handling.  It is quite crisp and simply beautiful.