Susat Civil War Antiques
  • 1842 Harpers Ferry Musket


    Harpers Ferry 1842 Musket    SOLD

    This example is dated 1846 on the lock.  The lock has a brown patina and the markings are visible.  There is some light pitting on the metal.  The lock action is strong.  The barrel has some light pitting in the breech.  The proof Mark's are strong though the date is indistinct.  The metal in general is a grey brown.  The barrel measures 42".  The stock is strong with good edges.  It is dark but with few dings.  The stock floats have good desfinition and the cartouches are there and readable, they appear to have been lightly stamped to begin with.  The ramrod is original.  All in all it has the look of a untouched musket.  

    And being a Harpers Ferry is a plus.    SOLD