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  • 1819 Hall Rifle

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    1819 Hall Rifle dated 1837.  SOLD

    The 1819 Hall rifle is a milestone.  It is the first breechloader adopted into service and the first weapon produced with fully interchangeable parts.  Production started in in the early 1820s at Harpers Ferry with John Hall delivering the first 1000 in 1824.  From then Harpers Ferry produced rifle into the late 1830's.  

    This particular example is dated 1837 and in fine to excellent condition.  The metal has most of the browning remaining.  The breech still has casehardening colors visible on the sides of the breechblock.  The top has turned brown.  The markings are sharp and clear.  The ramrod is brown from the upper band forward and bright below.  The wood has sharp corners and has a crisp quality.  There are a few storage dings in the wood.  There are no cracks around the breech or elsewhere.     SOLD