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  • 1816 Musket Remington Alteration dated 1857


    1816 Musket Remington Alteration   SOLD

    This started as a 1816 Flintlock Smoothbore Musket.  Between 1856 and 1859 - 21,952 Flintlock muskets were altered at Frankford Arsenal.  The alteration consisted of rifling and sighting the barrel,  installing a new bolster breech which converted the musket to percussion and installing a new lock with the Maynard tape primer system incorporated in the lock.  This particular example has "S"  marked in many of the which is the mark of one of the inspectors at Springfield Armory.  Remington supplied the bolster breech and the completed lock to Frankford Arsenal which did the actual conversion.  

    This example is dated 1857 on the lock and barrel.  This example is full length.  It is rifled and has the long range rear sight.  It has light pitting around the bolster area and some scattered light pitting elsewhere.  The markings are distinct and readable. The metal is a grey color. The primer sprawl and spring are present.  The little latch pin to hold the primer door in place is broken.  The vent screw has been replaced.  During the conversion process a new iron front sight was added to the front strap of the front barrel band.  That front sight has been removed and a brass blade sight is there now. The front barrel band is marked with a letter number combination which was done when the bayonet was fitted. There have been two small wood repairs made, one to the wood in front of the lock where a small chip was replaced and the other is in front of the trigger guard where a small piece of wood was added.  The ramrod looks to be a 1842 ramrod.

    Many of the later examples of this conversion were not sighted and some were not even rifled.  Many were purchased by New Jersey and marked NJ.  This being both rifled and sighted and not marked NJ. Is a desirable configuration.  It does show use but still presents well.