Susat Civil War Antiques
  • 1812 Whitney Musket


    Whitney 1812 Musket - Percussion conversion. SOLD

    This musket started out as a flintlock musket.  It is based on the 1795 pattern with some of the modifications made later in production.  There are no US marks, nor is it dated.  It is marked New Haven in a ribbon on the lockplate in front of the hammer.  This probably was made for a state contract.  It does have an inspector's cartouche in the wood opposite the lock.  There is also a MS for Massachusetts.  There are no visible proof marks on the barrel breech. the barrel bands have the springs behind the band.  The triggerguard plate has an narrow extension in front but the rear is rounded off.  The full length barrel is 41 1/2" long.  The lockplate is flat with only marks being New Haven .It has a cone in barrel conversion with the long curving military hammer.  

    The metal has a pleasing brown patina.  There is light to medium pitting in the breech area of the barrel.  But the remainder of the metal has scattered areas of light pitting.  The parts are all original and the lock functions well.  The stock has the usual bumps and bruises , with a crack at the rear of the lock.  The corners are nice and the flat opposite the lock is smooth and has clear readable marks.  Both sling swivels are present and original.